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Any Puzzle Media, 2021

Four brand-new puzzle books, each with a puzzle a day for every day of 2022. Choose from Codeword, Crossword, Crisscross and Sudoku.


The perfect gift for puzzle fans!

Daily Puzzles 2022: A Puzzle a Day for all 365 Days of the Year

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Welbeck, 2020

IFLScience and puzzles unite in this book. A perfect combination for anyone who wants to be amazed by the furthest reaches of scientific exploration while simultaneously solving enjoyable conundrums.

IFL Science!
Puzzle Book

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The RAF Association Puzzle Book

Robinson, 2020

Puzzle your way across the skies with this aviation-themed book. Do you have what it takes to fly with the best?

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HarperCollins, 2019

Do you have what it takes to step up to the challenge? Face the unknown with this puzzle book with a foreword from the head of the British Army. 

The British Army Challenge Book


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Carlton, 2019

All of the enjoyment of Tetris comes to the page with 100 customized, colourful puzzles created using the classic Tetris pieces.

Tetris Puzzle Book


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The Art Puzzle Book

White Lion Publishing, 2019

Journey from ancient Egypt to 1980s New York solving riddles, discovering hidden secrets and challenging your general knowledge.

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The Natural History Puzzle Book

Carlton. 2019

The Natural History Puzzle Book guides you through the history of our incredible world with fun facts and challenges for all the family.


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Stay Sharp!

Green Tree, 2019

Stay Sharp! is filled with practical advice and exercises created to keep our brains active in later life.


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The Mammoth Book of New Sudoku

Robinson, 2013

The ultimate collection of sudoku variants to challenge even the most practised solver, with almost 500 puzzles to conquer.

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The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Books

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Can you find your way around these navigational challenges? The perfect gift for map and puzzle lovers alike.

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40-Day Brain and Memory Coach

Train your mind and memory with these guided puzzle and brain-training books, designed for a 40-day workout.

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The Mindfulness Puzzle Books

Four puzzle books to help you relax, focus, and unwind.

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A-Z and The Times Atlas of the World

Navigate your way around the UK and the world with these brand-new map-based puzzle books.

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The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Books

Are you as sharp as the world's greatest detective?

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The Turing Tests: Expert Code Books

Have you got what it takes to crack the cryptic codes and challenges?

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Twisted Word Search and Sudoku

Bend the rules - and your mind - with these innovative puzzle books

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Everyday Mindfulness

Puzzles to help you relax, unwind, and focus on the challenge in front of you


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150-Puzzle Books

Focus your mind with these classic puzzles, designed to challenge you and give your brain a workout.

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Puzzles on the Loo

Make the most of your free time and boost your IQ from the loo!


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The World Puzzle Championship Challenge
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