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The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Books

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Can you find your way around these navigational challenges? The perfect gift for map and puzzle lovers alike.

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40-Day Brain and Memory Coach

Train your mind and memory with these guided puzzle and brain-training books, designed for a 40-day workout.

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The Mindfulness Puzzle Books

Three puzzle books to help you relax, focus, and unwind.

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A-Z and The Times Atlas of the World

Navigate your way around the UK and the world with these brand-new map-based puzzle books.

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The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Books

Are you as sharp as the world's greatest detective?

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The Mammoth

Book of...

Train your brain and keep you mind sharp with this range of books, jam-packed full of puzzles

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Twisted Word Search and Sudoku

Bend the rules - and your mind - with these innovative puzzle books

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150-Puzzle Books

Focus your mind with these classic puzzles, designed to challenge you and give your brain a workout.

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More titles

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Expert Code Breakers
The World Puzzle Championship Challenge
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