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Kids' Puzzles

Click on the front covers to explore some of my puzzle books for kids


Clever Kids - for ages 8  and up  

Crosswords for CK.jpg
Maths Games for CK.jpg
Word Searches for CK.jpg

Click the front covers to explore!

Christmas Wordsearches CK.jpg
Logic Games Ck.jpg
Science Puzzles CK.jpg
Sudoku Games CK.jpg
Amazing Brain Games for Clever Kids.jpg
VW for CK.jpg
Secret Codes for CK.jpg
Memory Games for CK.jpg
10 Min Number Games for CK.jpg
Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks - for ages 7 to 9

Click the front

covers to explore!

Word Searches for BS.jpg
Crosswords for BS.jpg
Mazes for BS_.jpg
Maths games for BS_.jpg
NR for BS.jpg
BT for BS.jpg

The Ordnance Survey Kids' Adventure Book

A fantastic introduction to map-reading, navigation and the great outdoors, suitable for ages seven and up

OS Kids.jpg

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Puffin, 2021

Escape Room: Can You Escape?

Can you use your brain power - and dozens of cardboard objects - to puzzle your way out of these incredible locations?

There are three editions to explore: Escape the Museum, Escape the Video Game and Escape the Theme Park

Escape the Museum.jpg

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Escape the Videogame.jpg
Escape the Theme Park.jpg

Sticker Mosaics Jr

SM Sea Life.jpg
SM Dinosaurs.jpg
SM Sparkly Unicorns.jpg
SM Baby Animals.jpg

Click the front covers to explore!

The Great Big Indoors
Family Puzzle Book

Quercus, 2020

Banish boredom with this bumper book of perfectly pitched puzzles for the whole family to enjoy. 

Great Big Indoors Family.jpg

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The Kids' Book Of... - for ages 8 and up

Click the front covers to explore!

KBO Crosswords 2.jpg
KBO Crosswords 1.jpg
KBO Mazes 1.jpg
KBO Mazes 2.jpg
KBO Wordsearches 2.jpg
KBO Wordsearches 1.jpg
KBO Puzzles 1.jpg
KBO Holiday Puzzles.jpg

Explorer Academy   - for ages 8 and up

Click the front covers to explore!

EA Code Breaking.jpg
EA Nebula Secret.jpg
EA Falcon's Feather.jpg
EA Double Helix.jpg
EA Activity.jpg
EA 6.jpg
EA 5.jpg
EA 4.jpg

Revise 11+ 
Non-Verbal Reasoning

11+ Practice 1.jpg

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Designed to support young learners with accessible practice and assessment exercises

11+ Assessment.jpg
11+ Practice 2.jpg
11+ Ten Min Tests.jpg

Brain Games Treasure Hunts

BGTH Space.jpg
BGTH Ocean.jpg
BGTH Jungle.jpg
BGTH Pyramid.jpg

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Brain Benders

BB Box.jpg
BB Seeing.jpg
BB Logical.jpg
BB Sitting.jpg

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Adventure  and Activity 

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Star Quest.jpg
Epic Adventures.jpg

Mensa Kids - Train Your Brain

Click the front covers to explore!

MENSA Train 2.jpg
MENSA Train.jpg
Brain Games 3.jpg

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Geographic Kids:
Brain Games

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