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IFL Science! Puzzle Book

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IFL Science! Puzzle Book

Welbeck, 2020

Did you know that hurricanes only spin clockwise in the southern hemisphere? Or that scientists are working on a giant ‘space parasol’ to keep dangerous rays from entering the earth’s atmosphere?

IFLScience! and puzzles unite in the official IFL Science Puzzle Book - a perfect combination for anyone who wants to be amazed by the furthest reaches of scientific exploration while solving an enjoyable conundrum. Packed from cover to cover with an incredibly wide range of puzzle types, there's something here for all the family.

Can you calculate the Drake Equation and find alien life? Can you bridge neurons in a brain correctly and create consciousness? Does the quantum realm help you to solve the puzzle of Schrodinger's Cat once and for all? These puzzles, alongside more than 100 other enigmas and questions, are included for you to challenge yourself against while learning the lighter side of science!

Co-authored with IFLScience!

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