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Word Fall 2: 350 Puzzles Inspired by Wordle

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Word Fall 2: 350 Puzzles Inspired by Wordle

Yellow Kite, 2022

This exciting sequel features 350 all-new Word Fall puzzles, in which solvers have six attempts to correctly find a hidden 5-letter or 6-letter word. If you've completed Word Fall 1, have a go at this!

Word Fall 2 features:
- 350 all-new puzzles
- No repeating letters within words
- International English, with no UK-only or US-only spellings
- Trickier 6-letter word section so you can really challenge yourself

All you need to play is a pencil. No internet, no second person - just you and the book, competing to see if you can break the code.

This is the perfect gift for commuters, avid Wordle fans who long for more than one puzzle a day, and anyone who wants to practice brain training!

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