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Brain Teasers for Puzzlers

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Brain Teasers for Puzzlers

Michael O'Mara, 2021

Think you’ve got brainteasers cracked? Think again! This fiendish collection of conundrums will have even the most practised puzzlers scratching their heads.

You’ll need a sharp pencil – and a sharp mind – to complete a plethora of grid-based logic puzzles such as sudoku, arrow maze and minesweeper, plus many more. You’ll complete loops, join dots and even fire off a series of lasers with pinpoint precision around a mirrored maze.

Alongside the logic puzzles are quandaries designed to test lateral thinking skills, with seemingly impossible situations hiding a simple solution. There are safes to crack open, mysterious letters with cryptic codes to decipher and enigmas ready to be solved by logical deduction.

With a huge variety of puzzles to put your problem-solving skills to the test, you’re sure to find a challenge with these Brainteasers for Puzzlers.

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