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The RAF Association Puzzle Book

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The RAF Association Puzzle Book

Little, Brown 2020

Published in association with The RAF Association, this aircraft- and flight-themed puzzle book is packed with a huge range of varied challenges for aviators and ground crew alike.

Pilots need to be able to think quickly and react immediately to unexpected, complex situations, and this book consists of puzzles that test a wide range of skills that might be expected of a pilot, including cognitive challenges, memory tests and visual perception. On top of that, solvers can try their hand at a wealth of puzzles designed to test their aviation general knowledge, from the history of heavier-than-air flight to the world’s busiest airports – and their cryptic codes.

So whether you’re a seasoned flyer or like to keep both feet on the ground, you’re sure to find something to puzzle you in The RAF Association Puzzle Book. Do you have what it takes to fly with the best?

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