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The Brain Fitness Puzzle Book: A Full Mental Workout with over 80 Puzzles

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The Brain Fitness Puzzle Book: A Full Mental Workout with over 80 Puzzles

Michael O'Mara, 2023

We need to exercise our bodies to keep fit and the same is true for our brains. After all, what's good for your gut, your cardiovascular system, and your muscles, is good for your brain - it's all connected. This definitive mental workout will show you how to build up your brain's agility and enable you to solve problems faster and better. Perfect for anyone wanting to get their grey matter moving and improve their brain power, once and for all.

The Brain Fitness Puzzle Book is an authoritative training regime for anyone wanting to get to grips with their brain and have fun whilst improving its power. Put your brain through its paces with over 80 puzzles, these varied puzzles will help you improve everything from logic and reasoning, creativity, visual and lateral thinking and concentration, and much more.

Learn how to stretch your brain muscles and get your grey matter moving by following the comprehensive workout - structured to imitate a physical exercise session, with a warm-up, ramping up phase, high-intensity 'cardio' challenge, and a cool-down.

Written with University of Cambridge's Memory Laboratory expert, Helena M. Gellersen

Explaining the science behind the puzzles, and packed with tips and tricks throughout, this guided puzzle book is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their brain power but not quite sure where to start.

Co-authored with Helena Gellersen

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