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The FIFA Football Puzzle Book

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The FIFA Football Puzzle Book

Welbeck, 2021

Congratulations – you’ve just been made captain of your national football team! Can you lead your squad to glory, and play your way to the FIFA World Cup Final?

The official FIFA Football Puzzle Book is a unique way to bring logic and puzzle-solving skills to the beautiful game. Following the same structure as the FIFA World Cup, solvers can climb their way to the top of international football by completing over 100 puzzles in a race to lift the iconic trophy.

Puzzles are organized into Training, Tactics and Game Time sessions, with each type designed to test a different problem-solving approach to the next big match. Players can complete loops of a training field, place teammates in the best defensive positions and practise their best shots on target as they progress through the stages, from qualifying rounds to – hopefully – the World Cup final.

There are visual puzzles to keep solvers on their toes, including some much loved ‘Spot the Ball’ games to play. If that’s not enough, there’s even a chance to beat the book at a penalty shoot-out - as long as the team hasn’t picked up too many red cards on the way!

This unique and beautifully illustrated book is a must for football fans and puzzle pros alike.

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