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Sudoku Games for Clever Kids

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Sudoku Games for Clever Kids

Buster Books, 2020

A new title in the hugely successful Clever Kids series, this book is filled with a huge range of unique sudoku puzzles to put young brains to the test.

Starting with smaller grids and working up to conventional 9x9 sudoku formations, the puzzles increase in difficulty to build confidence whilst solvers practise key sudoku skills. Super solvers can then try their hand at bigger puzzles which use letters and numbers in 12x12 grids, and complex overlapping samurai styles. There are odd-and-even sudoku puzzles to test mental arithmetic and problem-solving skills, and even 3D sudoku stars to challenge even the greatest grid-puzzle masters!

The book also features a simple sudoku tutorial at the start, featuring invaluable tips and tricks, to make sure the activities are accessible for all Clever Kids age seven and up.

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