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Brain Benders - Seeing Is Believing

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Brain Benders - Seeing Is Believing

Hungry Tomato (UK), Lerner (US) 2015

Brain Benders is the ultimate, spellbinding challenge to test your brain. It engages all of your mental skills you will need to use your imagination and your mathematical, linguistic and lateral thinking skills together with a touch of curiosity in your quest to solve puzzles and train your brain.

Be amazed at the optical illusions, tricks with numbers and games to play at home. Just in case you get stuck, each book has a chapter detailing helpful tips to solve the mind- boggling games plus answers with full explanations. It all makes for an amazing and unforgettable challenge devised by one of the greatest puzzle experts in the world today!

SEEING IS BELIEVING Can you believe your eyes? Normally you can, but there are times when they will deceive you. Prepare for patterns that move, colours that change and objects that alter their size.

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