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The Great British Puzzle Book

Unfurl your bunting, put the kettle on and make sure to check the weather forecast – it’s time to explore The Great British Puzzle Book!

We’ve had so much fun creating this book, designed to celebrate what it means to be British in this day and age. It’s a puzzle book for everyone, from the optimistic barbecuers to the person who just missed their stop on the bus and is too polite to ask for directions. Over-apologizers and biscuit-dunkers are all welcome here, although queue-jumping is, naturally, frowned upon.

Take yourself on a gastronomic tour of Great Britain, picking up fish and chips, local pies and pastries and – of course – several cups of tea along the way. Explore language and literature from Shakespeare to Scottish slang, and find your way around some of the more unusual place names in England, Scotland and Wales (Upton Snodsbury, we’re looking at you).

There are sports stars, music makers and enigmatic artists to uncover, and British cultural icons and landmarks can be found all across the book’s six chapters. From tennis tournaments to ten-pound notes, there’s something here for every solver.

There are plenty of different puzzle types to keep you occupied – codes to crack, dots to join and gates to close after a pleasant walk in the countryside. You can ride a helter-skelter in a twisted word search, spot wildlife hidden in cryptic word puzzles and even make yourself a dainty daisy chain.

We’ve had a spiffing time putting these puzzles together and exploring the very best of Great Britain – and we hope you enjoy the result. Pour yourself a cuppa and pre-order The Great British Puzzle Book now!

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