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How to Get Away with Puzzles

Did you know we have not one, not two, but three crime-solving puzzle books for you to pit your wits against? Practise your ultimate sleuthing skills from the safety of your own home, where are sharp mind and a sharp pencil are all that are needed to crack these cases wide open.

Follow Mrs Agnes Whitstable on a tour round her beloved Bishop's End as she takes you through some of her most famous cases. This quaint countryside village might seem like an idyllic place to live - but it's no stranger to a murder or two!

Delve into the dark side of the internet with these technological tests - no Wi-Fi needed. In-depth technical knowledge won't be required to solve the puzzles here, either - just an eye for detail and some smart codebreaking skills.

Variety is the name of the game in this book, with fraud, burglaries and even a high-speed chase to keep track of. You can try solving some puzzles from a criminal's point of view - but just make sure you come back to the right side of the law to solve the rest!

All three books have a full set of solutions, and each has a wide variety of puzzle types to contend with. There are visual puzzles, codebreaking tests and logical deduction to tackle - and all three books are available now! Happy solving!

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