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Marvellous Museums

Last year we created The British Museum Puzzle Book, which is full of bespoke puzzles inspired by the thousands of fascinating artefacts at the British Museum - one of the UK's most-visited attractions. But did you know that we've also worked with several other museums to create fun and fascinating puzzles for them? Here's a run-down of some of the titles:

Puzzles of all varieties can be found in this exciting book, based on the stories of over 100 artefacts in the iconic British Museum. Travel through the tales of human history with conundrums to crack on the themes of magic, treasure, the written word, and much, much more. The puzzles are designed so that they can be solved even if you've never set foot in the British Museum, with facts and information revealed as the puzzles are solved.

Created with The National Maritime Museum Greenwich, this swashbuckling tome allows you to sail the seven seas of solving without leaving the comfort of home. There are puzzles on the sights and sounds of life at sea, as well as a beautiful colour section featuring maps from the museum's amazing archives. See if you can spot an unusual 'island' off the coast of the USA, and even the Mountains of the Moon!

Created with the Natural History Museum, this book is packed with puzzles for all solvers of all ages, and is perfect for some family fun. There are sections on dinosaurs and oceans, as well as a look at human evolution and the future of space exploration. What are you waiting for, solver? It's time to explore the natural world in all its perplexing, puzzling beauty!

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