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Stay Sharp

Hello, this is Elizabeth, another one of Gareth's puzzle researchers!

I have worked on lots of different projects over the past couple of years, but one of my favourites was reading through Stay Sharp!, Gareth’s book about how to keep our brains active in later life. I have often forgotten names mere moments after hearing them, and I sometimes go into rooms and stand by the doorway feeling perplexed as to why I went in. Having read this book, I now know why!

This book is very informative about the different parts of the brain and

how they work together. It also covers how the brain changes in different stages of life, with lots of useful tips on how to keep your brain fit.

I can always tell when I’m tired by observing how fast I can think, especially in an office when I’m mostly thinking about puzzles. Stay Sharp! is helpful for learning about which food and lifestyle choices help your brain to work at its best. It’s obvious that you need to exercise to stay healthy, but staying physically fit benefits the brain as well as the body.

As well as chapters on the brain and how to keep it fit, there is lots of useful information on long- and short-term memory. The book includes lots of handy techniques for overcoming common memory problems – I now know how to build a memory palace!

This book includes sudokus, crosswords, word ladders, numberlink, slitherlink and fences (amongst others) for the enthusiastic puzzler, all introduced with useful hints on how to approach each puzzle, and how they can help your brain. Imagination is also encouraged, with a whole section of open-ended exercises to let your creative juices flow.

It’s never too late to boost your brain – Stay Sharp! shows that improving your memory can be done in a whole lot of fun ways! Pick up a copy from Amazon or in a bookshop to find out for yourself.

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