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Hacked! The Cyber Crime Puzzle Book

Hackers seem to be targeting you left right and centre... are you able to shake them off before they convince you to join them?

This brand new puzzle book is packed from cover to cover with exciting puzzles themed around the world of cyber crime. There's a huge variety of challenges to complete, with varying levels of difficulty whilst still being suitable for any solver. There are picture puzzles, codes to crack and logical deductions to be made as you try and escape the dark web. Can you beat the hackers, or will you join them?

Puzzles in the Hacked! book generally solve to give a numerical code or written password which can be confirmed in the solutions at the back - but sometimes it will be up to you to work out what you have to do with the information you've been given in the first place! Piece together emails, virus codes and strange messages in online forums as you try to work out who's been targeting you, and how to stop them.

Check out Gareth's video below, where he introduces the book himself and solves through two of the book's early puzzles. Beware: there are spoilers!

The book is sure to appeal to fans The Perfect Crime Puzzle Book, and The Undercover Agent Puzzle Book, both of which are available to buy now.

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