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Daily Puzzles 2023

It's that time of year again! Get the new year off to a great start with these brand-new Daily Puzzles 2023 books, each with one puzzle for every day of the year.

Puzzle fans can rejoice at the return of last's year's editions, with a newcomer to complete the set: Daily Calcudoku 2023. That means there are now five puzzle-a-day books for you to enjoy, including Daily Sudoku 2023, Daily Crisscross 2023, Daily Crossword 2023 and Daily Codeword 2023.

Just like last year, the puzzles in the Sudoku edition - and now Calcudoku too - get progressively harder as you work through the week. Mondays will provide a gentle challenge - because Mondays are challenging enough - but by Sunday you'll have worked up to expert level. Full solutions are also given at the back of the books, so you can always use them as a hint if you need one.

Full instructions at the beginning of each book guide you through the nuance of each puzzle type. The puzzles are suitable for all levels of puzzler - and of course, solving a puzzle a day will only help you improve throughout the year. All puzzles and solutions are marked with that day's date, so you can keep track of your progress and never miss a day's solving.

Whether you intend to fire up your brain with a puzzle and ready it for the day, or use the gentle challenges to unwind in the evening, the Daily Puzzles 2023 books have something for everyone. All of the books are available to purchase on Amazon using the links above.

Happy solving!

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