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A Busy Year!

It's been a busy year for Team Puzzle (not our official name...) with lots of exciting projects to keep us occupied! We've teamed up with some fantastic organizations to create some fun-fact-packed books, including working for a second time with the RSBP and the Royal Horticultural Society. Can't keep up with all of this year's exciting publications? Here's a rundown of just a few of the wonderful works we've been creating:

The British Museum Puzzle Book

We've had a brilliant - and very educational - time looking through the vast archives at the British Museum to put together six chapters of puzzles based on their amazing collection. Expect hieroglyphs, magic spells and epic tales of the past in this beautiful book, with archive images throughout. Published 5th October, available here.

The Whodunnit Puzzle Book

This 'cosy-crime' puzzle book lets you tag along with esteemed local detective Agnes Whitstable as she solves a whole swathe of murders in her hometown of Bishop's End. We loved putting this together - and if you're solving, keep your eyes out for hidden details that might come in handy later! Published 14th September, available here.

The Movie Puzzle Book

Created with Ian Haydn-Smith, this colour-illustrated puzzle book takes you on a cinematic journey from the very first movies at the turn of the century all the way to breathtaking modern masterpieces. There's a huge variety of puzzles to solve, along with trivia questions to challenge even the most committed cinephiles. Published 12 October, available here.

RHS Puzzles & Brain Teasers for Gardeners

Stay as sharp as your sharpest shears with this brand new collaboration with Simon Akeroyd and the Royal Horticultural Society. There are 100 botanical brainteasers to work your way through, with a wide variety of puzzles sure to please 'budding' horticulturalists and experts alike. Published 5th October, available here.

RSPB Garden Birdwatcher's Puzzle Book

We teamed up with Dominic Couzens and the RSPB for a second time to bring you even more puzzles inspired by our fine feathered friends! This edition is centred on the birds that can be found in British gardens, so it's ideal for armchair adventurers and seasoned spotters . There's a beautiful colour section, too, for some hands-on identification. Published 26th October, available here

Keep an eye on the homepage for more upcoming titles - and in the meantime, happy puzzling!

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