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Hiding in Plain Sight

Puzzlers. Pick up your pencils – it’s time to try a trickier educational challenge.

Usually puzzles come with at least some instructions and tend to range from easy to difficult, depending on how much information you’ve been given. Today, however –

Zanier puzzle styles are afoot. We’ve been working on lots of enigmatic puzzle books recently and we’ve had to learn a few new skills to overcome the problems of presenting puzzles which can be solved, but need plenty of input from the solver. How do you hide the word yellow in a sentence? Hide it in plain sight!

Zany puzzles are no meagre enterprise – it can take a lot of time to hide information in a question without giving too much away.

Learning to solve hidden puzzles, you start to look beyond the predictabl – u even sometimes see hidden puzzles where there might not be one. Look for inconsistencies, or unusual phrasing, to start with. You never know what you might discover.

Every now and again I find I go off topic when I’m trying to write something which is deliberately attempting to mislead – it’s one of the trappings of enigmatic puzzling – and hopefully not a trap to fall into very often -

So take a look around. Can you find three different puzzles going on in this very blog post? Don’t look for anything too obvious – or as the Spanish would say, ‘obvio’ – let your puzzling mind wander!

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