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Escape Room: Can you Escape the Video Game?

When a mysterious disc arrives at your house and sucks you into an alternate universe, you’ll have to puzzle your way out of this crazy virtual video game! Following on from last year’s Can You Escape The Museum?, this latest escape-room style book explores the weird and wonderful world of video games.

The second volume in the interactive Escape Room series is packed with amazing adventures, puzzles and 3D models to build, as you find your way through the mysterious stages of a new game. Levels are inspired by iconic arcade games and computer programmes of the past and present, with unique models that need to be constructed if you want to level up and find your way back to reality. There’s a 3D maze to unravel, android codes to crack and some magnificent mining to be done before you can escape. With some smart problem-solving, quick thinking and handy tools, you’re sure to make it to the final level – but can you make it past an unforeseen enemy at the end?

All of the 3D models can simply be popped out and folded to create the necessary tools for your escape. Solvers who want to play again later can easily deconstruct the models and store them in the handy envelope at the back of the book – no specialist equipment needed! This extraordinary interactive book is sure to provide young solvers with hours of fun, and is a great screen-free way to enjoy all of the excitement that video games have to offer.

You can pre-order a copy of the book here – or if you really can’t wait for an interactive adventure, here’s the link to buy Escape the Museum. Good luck, Player One!

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