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Travelling the World with the Times Atlas Puzzle Book

If you’re anything like me (Laura – one of Gareth’s puzzle researchers), you’ll be particularly excited about one of our latest puzzle book releases. As someone who loves to travel and loves a good puzzle, I’ve had a lot of fun working on the official Times Atlas of the World Puzzle Book.

The first two sections of the book are packed full of geographical facts and puzzles to test your round-the-world knowledge. Featuring the Times Atlas’s informative maps and diagrams, ‘The World Today’ covers topics such as weather, climate, health and population. The puzzles are visually interesting, and solvers can use what they already know to guide themselves through the questions, as well as take inspiration from the graphics and maps featured. Keep an eye out for the time­ zone puzzles, and see if you can still puzzle while being in several different places at once!

The second section, ‘Geographical Information’, covers some of Earth’s geographical extremes – largest lakes and tallest mountains, to name a few – as well as plenty of quiz questions that you can try out on friends and family. There are three puzzle quizzes dedicated to the flags of the world, each increasing in difficulty. Budding globetrotters can put their knowledge of currencies and capital cities to the test, and there are sections looking at how countries and territories were named.

The third section of the book was definitely a real treat to work on – creating puzzle questions around the iconic Times Atlas maps from all over the world. Arranged by continent, the maps cover a huge range of landscapes, from the sparse North Pole to the densely populated states of New York and New Jersey on the USA’s east coast. In the latter, it was particularly fun trying to spot all the place names which were shared with towns, cities and counties in the UK – there are plenty to choose from! The map of the Peloponnese peninsula gave us an opportunity to travel back in time, too, and research famous ruins from Ancient Greece.

My personal favourite page is the map of Patagonia in southern Chile and Argentina: I was lucky enough to travel there a few years ago, and it was great to pick out some of the highlights of the trip on the map and learn more about the places I’d been while researching some potential puzzle questions. I hope that other solvers are lead to recall some of their own favourite travels whilst puzzling out the challenges in this book, and I hope you enjoy solving them as much as I enjoyed helping to create them.

Happy mapping!

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