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The RAF Association Puzzle Book

Do you have what it takes to fly with the best?

Missing the thrill of international travel? You can search the skies and travel the globe from the comfort of your own home with the RAF Association Puzzle Book!

Written for pilots and non-pilots alike, the RAF Association Puzzle Book sets out to test the mental agility of avid aeronauts, covering a wide range of topics and puzzle types to keep thinkers on their toes. The book is split into five chapters, with each section asking solvers to demonstrate their mental agility and skills in distinct areas which might be of use to a pilot.

Traditional grid-based logic puzzles provide tests of cognitive abilities, which require solvers to break down problems into their constituent parts, without losing sight of the overall objective of their ‘mission’. In most cases there are two of each puzzle type side-by-side, so puzzlers can immediately put into practice any new skills they have learned from a first attempt.

Logic puzzles to test cognitive skills

Speed puzzles are the focus of another chapter, which encourage solvers to think quickly but without jeopardising the accuracy of the mission. Complex logic is not what’s needed for this section; instead, a calm and efficient approach will be the key to success.

A sequence of unique visual puzzles requires solvers to think outside the box, removing themselves from the 2D world of the book, and asks them to problem-solve across more dimensions. Speedy interpretation of the surroundings and keen attention to detail will help solvers in these conundrums – as well as a well-honed internal compass!

A section involving memory puzzles is not all that it seems; it tests not just a solver’s ability to keep information at the forefront of their mind, but also their ability to work out what the most important information is in the first place. Visual memory and the ability to retain details of short narratives, are tested equally, and sharp-eyed solvers will be rewarded for absorbing information against the clock.

Finally, the last chapter of the book tests real-world knowledge, spanning the history of air travel and looking into areas a pilot might need to be familiar with today; airport codes, weather warnings and the parts of an aircraft are all explored. The puzzles are designed to be completed in any order and, of course, none of these skills stands alone; speed skills will help with logic puzzles, visual skills will aid the solving of memory puzzles, and so on.

So why not take off and explore the world of aviation with the RAF Association Puzzle Book? You never know what skills you might discover on your journey – the sky’s the limit!

The RAF Association Puzzle Book is available to buy here.

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