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The Great Big Indoors Family Puzzle Book

Stuck inside in bad weather? Lockdown blues getting you down? Or perhaps you just fancy a bit of a brain boost. Have no fear – puzzles to the rescue!

This brand-new puzzle book is created for the great indoors and designed so that families can solve their favourite puzzles together. All that’s needed is a set of sharp pencils and a can-do attitude!

Calming puzzles such as dot-to-dots and mazes can help to provide a little quiet concentration for puzzling families, where focus is the key to making sure everyone gets to the right solution. Logic puzzles such as sudoku are included, and are tricky enough to create a challenge for adults whilst still being simple enough for little solvers.

There are plenty of puzzles to be completed by all the family – giant word searches for everyone to attempt, word chains which magically transform one word into another, and even some team games to help you work who the best puzzlers are!

The puzzles are organised into chapters with familiar themes, like food and transport. Logic puzzles and word games sit alongside more visual puzzles, so there’s something for every kind of solver. With one puzzle per page (and some fantastic illustrations) there’s enough room for some working out in the margins, in case anyone needs a little more space to work through to the solutions.

So whether you prefer to crack cryptic codes or just try some colouring in, there’s bound to be something in the Great Big Indoors Family Puzzle Book for you. You can find a copy here.

Have fun, and happy puzzling!

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