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The Alan Turing Cryptic Codebreaking Puzzle Book

Are you an expert codebreaker?

And more importantly: Short Kansas (3) – female sheep (3) – financially penalized (5) – ‘anything’ in Yorkshire (3)? (Sounds like you need some help.)

Buffalo, Oklahoma. You tar. Windproof Oregon. Florida, NY. Redwood, Dakota. Tephra session. (Mind the gaps).

You’ll find that enigmas have a quality of: second person (3) – honey-making insect (3) – yes, parliamentarily (3) – line of people (5) – female sheep (3) – seeing organ (3) – hot steeped beverage (3) – wherefore (3) (Sounds like a spelling bee)

Well done if you managed to decode the words and phrases cryptically concealed in this blog post! You can find plenty more puzzles like this in The Alan Turing Cryptic Codebreaking Puzzle Book. It’s packed with complex conundrums and enigmas, sorted into five chapters which increase in difficulty from tricky at the start, to downright fiendish. Cunningly compiled, the puzzles use cryptic clues, novel codes and occasionally some real-world knowledge to help you to put all the (mental) puzzle pieces together.

All of the puzzles are supplied with a series of hints which allow you to explore the questions at your own pace, giving you a nudge if you need to be pointed in the right direction but without spoiling the mechanism of the puzzle. The solutions are fully explained in a step-by-step process, so no ambiguities will remain for anyone who completes the book from cover to cover! With just a few familiar puzzle types, this collection of conundrums will be sure to entertain and challenge even the most seasoned solvers.

Can you FYCM IOOO NUDD DREE? (Time to re-arrange your findings).

If you do, you’ll be a: Cryptologists often discuss everything, but reading everything accurately keeps everything regular! (And if in doubt, start at the beginning.)

Good luck!

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