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Solved! Exit the Abandoned Cabin

Follow along as we try to EXIT the Abandoned Cabin!

Have you seen our new YouTube video series? We're big fans of 'EXIT the Game' boxes - a collection of table-top escape-room-style games which can be solved at home with friends and family. In our first video, we solve one of the early boxes: The Abandoned Cabin.

Here's the video - which contains spoilers!

While you're there, why not check out some of Gareth's other solves? So far he's puzzled his way through two of EXIT the Game's festive advent calendars - one in 2022, and one in 2021 - alongside other escape-style advent calendars.

We're also planning to solve more of these EXIT the Game experiences in the future - as well as escape-room boxes by other creators - so keep your eyes peeled for more adventures every week.

There's (literally) hours of fun to be had - so what are you waiting for? Head over to the YouTube page and subscribe for future video solves!

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