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IFL Science Puzzle Book

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Or whether a crow remembers you? Or what’s going to happen at the end of the universe? You’re not alone. We’ve teamed up with IFL Science to create a puzzle book which asks some of science’s best questions – and lets you puzzle it out for yourself.

Science is the world’s greatest ongoing puzzle, and IFL Science looks at ‘the lighter side’ of everyday science conundrums. The book is packed with puzzles to help solvers get to the root of the problem, whether that’s how to split an atom (don’t try it at home) or how to save a city from sinking beneath rising sea levels.

Each puzzle is themed around an unusual scientific topic, expertly explained and illustrated, giving you a chance to solve some of the universe’s biggest questions and conundrums. The book is split into eight chapters, each one focusing on a different branch of science, travelling through time and space from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch. Could you identify a black hole in the vast emptiness of space? Could you connect a circuit using just your logic skills? Could a head transplant ever be successful? (Spoiler: No).

There’s no need to be a Nobel Prize winner to tackle the puzzle pages, although solvers who take time to generate a theory and test it out will find themselves richly rewarded. So whether you’re animal, vegetable or mineral (or slime mould), you’re sure to find some satisfying science in the book.

You can order a copy here, ready for tomorrow's release on the 29th October. Happy solving!

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