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Escape the Museum

You’re locked in a museum that’s filled with artefacts, models and exhibitions – and possibly an Egyptian mummy that’s trying to chase you! Can you Escape the Museum?

Escape rooms are here to stay! And by here, we mean in your very own home. Escape the Museum is a brand-new escape-room-style puzzle book for young solvers aged nine and up. Designed to recreate the authentic escape room experience, this book is packed with mysterious messages and cryptic conundrums, as well as plenty of enigmatic objects which you’ll need to use to help you escape.

There are six museum zones to puzzle your way through, travelling through time and space from the ancient Egyptians to, well, outer space! Each museum zone has four tasks to complete but, in true escape-room style, not all of your instructions will be obvious. On top of that, every task requires a physical object which needs to be constructed before it can be used to complete a mission. Everything you need to escape is included in an envelope at the back of the book – although it’s up to you to work out what tools you need, and how to use them.

Every puzzle is completely unique. There are codes to be broken, runes to be read and a final construction challenge that is literally out of this world! Solvers can also make use of the hint cards provided in the back of the book if they need a little nudge – they gradually reveal more information so, depending on how stuck you are, you can take a peek at the clues without accidentally finding out the answer. No spoilers here!

No other items (like scissors or sticky tape) are needed to create all the unusual objects, so all of the mysterious items can be re-used and reconstructed, fitting neatly back into the envelope provided. Tasks can be completed individually or in teams.

Lockdown-ready, kitchen-table friendly and suitable for families – Escape the Museum is the perfect escape! You can find a copy here.

Good luck!

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