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Da Vinci: The Man, The Polymath, The Legend

Can you solve challenges inspired by one of the greatest minds of the Renaissance?

Hi there - Laura here! As Gareth’s puzzle researcher, my job is to make sure our themed puzzle books are factually accurate, full of interesting topics and – crucially – enjoyable to solve. This winter, I had the absolute pleasure of helping to create Leonardo da Vinci Puzzles – a brand-new themed book full of challenges inspired by da Vinci, his painted masterpieces and his marvellous mind.

In his lifetime, Leonardo da Vinci produced thousands of pages of notes detailing his works of art, his feats in engineering, and his immaculate study of the natural world. In fact, if you’re taking a deep dive into da Vinci’s work, it’s probably easier to list the topics he didn’t touch on. Astronomy, botany, physics, anatomy, mathematics, fine art… they all appear somewhere in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. There are designs for musical instruments, state-of-the-art rolling bridges and, famously, a flying machine. All of these creations came from the mind of one man – and all of them have provided the inspiration the conundrums in Leonardo da Vinci Puzzles.

Solvers can take a trip to Renaissance Italy and imagine themselves inside da Vinci’s workshop, in amongst the machines and masterpieces. There are riddles to solve, codes to crack and numerical enigmas to work through, with references to some of da Vinci’s most iconic artworks.

Although the specifics of each puzzle’s scenario are fictionional, each puzzle touches on a topic that appears somewhere in da Vinci’s huge body of work. With beautiful illustrations – many reproduced from da Vinci’s own notes – this immersive book is a tribute to a truly masterful mind.

I hope you have as much fun solving this book as we did making it!

Leonardo da Vinci Puzzles will be released August 2022: you can pre-order a copy from Amazon here.

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