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The Mammoth Book of Brain Workouts

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The Mammoth Book of Brain Workouts

Robinson, 2008

This volume contains over 400 activities, puzzles and tests, ranging from speed maths and word memorization to logic tests and verbal reasoning exercises. A helpful introduction describes in simple and accessible terms how the different parts of the brain work, and explains how each can be stimulated on a daily basis in different ways.

The book is divided into 31 daily workouts, with over a dozen puzzles a day, providing a month's supply of exercises to keep your mind supple and in shape. Each daily workout contains a specially formulated mixture of puzzles designed to improve your problem solving, to boost your creativity, to improve your concentration, to improve your memory, and to boost your mind power. This is the essential programme of puzzles for anyone who has ever walked into a room and forgotten why they are there.

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