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The British Museum Puzzle Book

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The British Museum Puzzle Book

Thames and Hudson, 2023

Solve intriguing and challenging puzzles based on the world-renowned British Museum collection.

The Rosetta Stone, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Assyrian reliefs, the Lewis Chessmen: many mysteries of the past are found within the walls of the British Museum, home to some of the most magnificent treasures in the world. Now you can learn more about its famous artefacts as you work your way through this beautifully designed, generously illustrated puzzle book.

This enticing mix of general knowledge, brainteasers, word games, crosswords and decipherment challenges offers a wealth of insight into the Museum’s widely varied collection. The puzzles are arranged in six thematic sections: the British Museum, Everyday Living, The Animal Kingdom, Myth and Magic, the Written Word, and Treasure. Additional facts about the Museum and its objects are provided throughout the book, affording readers a wider understanding of the role of the Museum today.

Making history accessible to all, and with new insights for general readers, this richly entertaining book is perfect for puzzlers and armchair historians everywhere

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