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The Brain Workout: Use It or Lose It

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The Brain Workout: Use It or Lose It

Michael O'Mara, 2011

Do you find your concentration wandering during meetings? Do you struggle to remember phone numbers? Or your credit-card PIN? Research shows that regularly exercising your brain by tackling simple, short challenges helps sharpen the mind, improve memory, and offset the brain's ageing process. Just like bodybuilding, training your brain involves giving it plenty of exercise.

The Brain Workout is a fun way to mentally limber up, centred around a programme of problem-solving exercises and logic tests that will work your brain as well as serving as an enjoyable pastime for any puzzle fans. Just like any other good training regime, The Brain Workout provides more challenging exercises the further you progress in the programme, as well as a wealth of advice to keep your brain fit and healthy.

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