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The Alan Turing Cryptic Codebreaking Puzzle Book

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The Alan Turing Cryptic Codebreaking Puzzle Book

Arcturus, 2021

Could you once have been recruited to join the ranks of Alan Turing and the Bletchley Park codebreakers? Published in association with The Turing Trust and featuring a foreword by Sir Dermot Turing, this incredible collection of puzzles allows you to put your codebreaking skills to the test like never before.

This collection contains an incredible range of different puzzle types and presents a complex codebreaking compendium for any puzzle lover. The codes to crack are arranged into five levels of difficulty which become progressively harder, so you can start with the (relatively) easy ones and build up to the truly expert level tests. A comprehensive hint section is provided to help you on your way, with progressively more revealing clues to help you crack the codes without ever giving too much away.

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