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The 10-Minute Brain Workout

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The 10-Minute Brain Workout

Michael O'Mara, 2006

Do you find yourself struggling to remember phone numbers? What about your car registration, the security code for the office door or your credit card pin? Do you find your concentration wandering after a few minutes during meetings? What you need to do is to train your brain, sharpen up your mental reflexes and get those synapses snapping like firecrackers.

The 10-Minute Brain Workout is a structured programme of logic tests, verbal reasoning and problem-solving exercises that have been shown to increase the flow of blood to the brain, boosting the supply of oxygen. This series of mind-stretching challenges, ranging from mathematical sums and tailor-made examples of Sudoku and Kakuro to comprehension and recall examinations, are accompanied by all the lifestyle and diet tips you need in order to achieve maximum impact.

Remember, your grey matter is no different to your sixpack - it needs to be drilled back into shape every now and then, and The 10-Minute Brain Workout is the perfect way to tone up that thinking muscle!

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