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Mind Games

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Mind Games

Century, 2023

Boost your brain health and help reduce your risk of dementia

Written by Dr Tim Beanland with Alzheimer's Society, and including some of my puzzles designed to improve and maintain brain health

With regular practice, puzzles may help to improve brain function and prevent age-related cognitive decline. Featuring 150 puzzles of varying difficulty, Mind Games aims to target different areas of the brain and improve cognition. With puzzles to challenge memory or skills with pictures, words, numbers or logic, Mind Games offers a workout for a wide range of brain functions.

But Mind Games is more than just a collection of puzzles - this book will help you to create new habits to keep your grey matter active and healthy. Here, Dr. Tim Beanland, Head of Knowledge at Alzheimer's Society, provides expert insights into the science of brain health and the benefits of regular mental exercise. Also included is a 7-day programme, plus practical tips and advice to keep your mind active and engaged.

Whether you're looking to improve your memory, sharpen your focus, or help reduce your risk of dementia, Mind Games will help you achieve your goals. With its comprehensive range of puzzles and expert guidance, this book is the ultimate resource for anyone keen to improve their brain health and enhance their mental agility.

Created with Dr Tim Beanland and Alzheimer's Society

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