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Gray's Anatomy Puzzle Book

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Gray's Anatomy Puzzle Book

White Lion Publishing, 2020

Can you crack a cryptic cranium code? Or work out where your duodenojejunal flexure is? Puzzlers and medics alike will find plenty to entertain and educate them in this unique guide to human anatomy.

Divided into different sections of the body, the Gray’s Anatomy Puzzle Book takes the medical reference classic as its starting point for puzzles, riddles and general knowledge questions that will test your wits and challenge your brain. Try your hand at ‘skull sudoku’, complete an ear-canal crossword and unscramble the folds of the brain as you uncover the weird and wonderful ways our bodies are put together.

No medical training is required to complete the puzzles, which have introductory sections written by Dr Gabrielle M Finn to provide a comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of each featured diagram. Crack cryptic codes, explore unusual etymologies and apply your newly acquired knowledge to reveal fascinating facts from medical history and learn about how our amazing bodies function.

Co-authored with Dr. Gabrielle M. Finn, Senior Lecturer in Medical Education at Hull York Medical School

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