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Daily Futoshiki 2024: A Puzzle a Day for all 366 Days of the Year

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Daily Futoshiki 2024: A Puzzle a Day for all 366 Days of the Year

Any Puzzle Media, 2023

From ‘Britain's King of Puzzles’ (The Sun) comes this bumper book of futoshiki puzzles, with a brand new difficulty-rated challenge for every day of 2024.

  • 366 unique futoshiki puzzles, dated for every day of the year

  • Difficulty grading for every puzzle, from very easy through to very hard

  • Seven different difficulty levels, one for each day of the week

  • Clear, simple instructions

  • Full solutions at the back

All of the futoshiki puzzles get harder throughout each week, with Monday being the easiest day and Sunday being the trickiest. Individually dated for each day of the year, each puzzle provides a graded workout to help keep the mind active and reduce stress.

To complete each puzzle, simply place a digit from 1 to 5, 6, 7 or 8 (depending upon the grid size) into every empty square, so that no digit repeats in any of the rows or columns. Also, greater than (>) signs between some squares indicate that the value in one square is greater than that in another as indicated by the sign, which always points towards the smaller number of each pair.

Daily Futoshiki 2024 is the perfect gift for all futoshiki fans, as well as sudoku solvers looking for something new, from beginners through to seasoned solvers.

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