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Brain Coach Intense: 40-day Training Programme

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Brain Coach Intense: 40-day Training Programme

Michael O'Mara, 2021

Brain Coach Intense contains a focused, 40-day training plan to really stretch your mental agility and build problem-solving confidence. Each day you'll be introduced to a new type of logic puzzle – be it a simple sudoku or a complex ‘skyscraper’ - and shown how to solve it using one or two examples.

From joining up broken loops to uncovering hidden hanjie images, there are tips and tricks for solving each of the puzzles, with a step-by-step guide that takes you through the basics and helps you to spot more sophisticated solving methods as you progress. Then it’s up to you to put your new skills to the test as you tackle larger grids from scratch, incorporating the problem-solving techniques you’ve picked up along the way.

As well as coaching you towards a sharper mind, the book serves as a fantastic introduction to solving a huge range of logic puzzles, and a great refresher course for more familiar tasks. By the end of the 40 days, you'll be a puzzle expert!

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