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Alice's Adventurous Puzzles

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Alice's Adventurous Puzzles

Arcturus, 2018

Travel with Alice down the rabbit hole into the fantastic world of Wonderland, and help a cast of extraordinary characters solve these tantalising puzzles and enigmas. Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, was a huge fan of puzzles and was said to have invented the word ladder. In this book you can deduce the card hand of Tweedledee, decide which bottle contains the growing potion and calculate the White Queen's position on a chess board.

Each of these puzzles is set within a short adventure of Alice's and accompanied by the original pen-and-ink illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.

This collection of 125 puzzles includes:
• Rebus puzzles
• Word ladders
• Lateral-thinking
• Zigzag puzzles
And much more.

Conjuring up the brilliant charm of the original stories, Alice's Adventure Puzzles makes a brilliant gift for literature lovers or simply those who love a good puzzle!

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