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Ultimate Dot-to-Dot

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  • "I have had a few dot to dot books for adults but this book eclipses the others. I love the use of colours for different aspects of the pictures. "

  • "This book is absolutely amazing."

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Connect-the-dots fans, rejoice! Ultimate Dot-to-Dot will captivate, motivate, and scintillate you for hours on end. You'll find hundreds of intricate dots to connect and projects to complete that are devilishly difficult...and wickedly fun. Put pen or pencil to paper and you'll soon free amazing animals, discover stunning objects, find intricate scenes, and so much more.


Watch everything from lions to lizards, owls to peacocks magically appear as you complete these complex, varied, and challenging puzzles that dare you to keep making connections and having a great time while you do it. When you've completed each one, you'll also have an original and compelling work of art that you can pull out (the pages are perforated), frame, keep, or share.

Michael O'Mara, 2016