Track down hidden treasures, decipher geographical details and discover amazing facts as you work through this unique puzzle book based on 40 of the Ordnance Survey's best British maps. Explore the first ever OS map made in 1801, unearth the history of curious place names, encounter abandoned Medieval villages and search the site of the first tarmac road in the world.


With hundreds of puzzles ranging from easy to mind-boggling, this mix of navigational tests, word games, code-crackers, anagrams and mathematical conundrums will put your friends and family through their paces on the path to becoming the ultimate map-master!


  • "One of the favourite Christmas presents"

  • "This book has not been put down from the moment of opening. Very well received"

  • "Great present for anyone who loves maps"

  • "What an excellent book! Needless to say, it's full of OS map extracts. The puzzles are fun and it's packed with interesting facts about OS maps and the areas chosen for the book. OS map fans will spend hours looking at it."

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The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book


Trapeze, 2018

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