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  • "This was bought for my 11 year old by her grandparents and she loves it - it has kept her occupied for hours, and also triggered a fascination with astronomy/astrology."

  • "As a backyard astronomer and a dot-to-dot lover, this book was so satisfying to complete. I was actually a little sad as I finished the last one. I will be adding it to my astronomy book collection with pride!"

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Star to Star: Astronomical

Dot-to-Dot Puzzles

Michael O'Mara, 2017

Discover the night sky with 29 dot to dots, each showcasing a beautiful artistic interpretation of a constellation. 

Including the twelve zodiac signs and a enchanting selection of Ancient Greek constellations, each page is accompanied by a fascinating overview of the history, astronomy and myths associated with each starry arrangement.

This wonderful collection is sure to engage puzzlers and night sky enthusiasts for hours on end.