The Great Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Book

Arcturus Publishing, 2018

Pit your wits against the greatest detective of them all with this collection of fiendish and hugely entertaining puzzles and enigmas. It contains a great mix of types of conundrums to keep the most ardent puzzle and Sherlock fan entertained and challenged.

  • "To mix my detective character metaphors - elementary when you use your little grey cells!"

  • "Filled with over 130 logic puzzles, riddles, and interesting brain teasers told from the point of view of Dr. Watson, this is a treasure for mystery and puzzle lovers alike. This puzzle book reminded me of back in my youth when I devoured Encyclopedia Brown books. It’s better, though, because it’s Holmes and Watson."

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  • "A fun and entertaining puzzle book. The puzzles are not too hard and these could be enjoyed by the whole family or as a group with friends."

  • "A great source of fun and frustration! This feels authentic to the Sherlock Holmes stories, and gives your brain a good work out at the same time."

  • "A very good collection of puzzles on the way of Sherlock Holmes. A great activity to try with friends or family. Amazing!" reviews