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The FIFA Football Puzzle Book

Fancy yourself as a global football superstar? What about a logic-puzzle champion? With The FIFA Football Puzzle Book, you can try your hand at both: this FIFA-official book is a great way to puzzle your way through the beautiful game.

Designed around the iconic FIFA World Cup competition, our upcoming book will put you through your paces as you chase your way through the famous stages of the international contest. Solvers transform into the captains of their national team, and lead the squad through qualifying matches, group stages and knock-out rounds, all in pursuit of football’s most coveted trophy. Can you make it to the World Cup final, and lead your home team to football glory?

Puzzles in the book are set out in three main categories: training, tactics and game time. Training puzzles are designed to keep solvers mentally fit and up to speed – sometimes literally, with a stopwatch introduced to keep you in check. Tactics puzzles involve some player placement and post-match problem-solving, as you help your team’s manager with his plans for the next big match. Finally, game time puzzles will see solvers put their training skills and tactical analysis to the test, defending against international superstars and – hopefully – scoring a few goals along the way.

On top of this, super solvers can ‘beat the book’ in a penalty shootout by completing pages speedily and successfully as they go along. Keep your eyes peeled though – any lingering on the ball and taking too long with a puzzle might cost you a yellow card, which goes in the ref’s book at the back. Finally, there are plenty of visual puzzles throughout the tournament to keep puzzlers on their toes, from spotting minor changes in a squad line-up to the beloved ‘spot the ball’ game.

Pop your shin pads on, lace up your boots and get onto the training pitch – it’s time to get ready for The FIFA Football Puzzle Book. You can pre-order a copy here. Let the games begin!

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