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Pirates and Pennants

Puzzles ahoy!

Earlier this year we had the absolute pleasure of creating the Nautical Puzzle Book for the National Maritime Museum, part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. The book is a deep dive into all things nautical, with puzzles for seafaring solvers and landlubbers alike, and we thoroughly enjoyed making it.

We began the process of writing the book with a tour around the museum, uncovering the enormous scope of maritime history, famous naval names and nautical tradition. The puzzles in the book have been split into five chapters, each one focussing on a different aspect of our rich relationship with the sea; expect a soothing shipping forecast, mythical monsters, and plenty of pirates.

One of the chapters is dedicated to the Maritime Museum’s extraordinary collection of antique maps, giving a glimpse of how cartographers have changed the perspective on the world as more and more of it was revealed by explorers throughout history – including one which seems to show the continents upside down!

The variety of puzzle types in the book is an adventure of its own; solvers can expect to see plenty of their favourite puzzles, and we’ve also designed brand-new brainteasers around the artefacts and archives from the museum. Could you solve a canoe-code conundrum? Find out for yourself! The Nautical Puzzle Book is available to buy here from 29th October 2020.

Enjoy, me hearties!

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