404: Interactive Puzzle Book

In this unique cryptic puzzle book, originally funded on Kickstarter, you not only solve enigmatic puzzles but also reveal a secret conspiracy. If you enjoy riddles, brainteasers or escape room games, 404 is for you. 

404 is now available for anyone to buy. Find it on your local Amazon:  UK  US  Canada  


Find all the hints and extra stories on the website, and don’t forget to log in to the forum to discuss your findings with fellow 404-solvers. What other secrets will you find there?

“A fantastic book that provides weeks of entertaining cryptic puzzle-solving! You really have to think creatively about the puzzles, and the website is a great help if you’re a bit stuck. And the underlying story that is slowly revealed adds a whole other level to the book. A great buy!” – Amazon customer

“The fact that it compels your imagination in such a way to think outside the box and in turn branch out into new discoveries is a treat… This is hands down the best puzzle book I’ve played within the past year! lots of love put into this.” https://girlsgameshelf.com/2020/02/review-404/