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The Mammoth Book of Logical Brain Games

Robinson, 2016

The world's most comprehensive collection of logical puzzles, covering all major types. It has everything from Sudoku and Kakuro through to Hanjie and Slitherlink, plus a whole lot more besides such as Tapa, Fences, Yajilin, Nurikabe, Fillomino and many, many others. All of the puzzles use pure logic, requiring no language or cultural knowledge to solve, so the book is suitable for everyone.


Fun and addictive, these puzzles offer a fantastic mental workout. Each of the more than 60 types of puzzle is presented with full instructions in seven carefully graded difficulty levels, from Beginner right through to Master, so whatever your experience you'll find the perfect challenge.

  • "Love it! This book is really great if you like doing fun puzzles like I do. I was looking for a Sudoku book but I am so glad I got this one. It has hundreds of games and the book is divided in sections that increase in difficulty as you go on. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun games book to do in their spare time! I would definitely get another book from the same author!"

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