Buster Books, 2017

Kids' Book of Mazes

1 and 2

Packed full of maze puzzles to complete, these little books will keep clever kids entertained for hours! Conveniently compact for travelling, these books are perfect for bright young maze enthusiasts.

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  • "Good little activity book for 9 and 10 yr olds, not too hard, not too easy, would recommend."

  • "My 7-year-old enjoys this book very much, especially the different difficulty levels. He usually builds himself up from easy to hard, challenging himself and keeping his interest alive. It's great for travelling because it doesn't take up much space but can be used for a long time."

Amazon Review for Mazes 1

  • "Great little book to keep little ones entertained."

  • "Bought to take on holiday, granddaughter loves the degrees of difficulty from front to back."

Amazon Review for Mazes 2

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