Buster Books, 2017

Kids' Book of Crosswords 1 and 2

Packed full of crossword puzzles to complete, these little books will keep clever kids entertained for hours! Conveniently compact for travelling, these books are perfect for bright young crossword enthusiasts.

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  • "This is a great book. I bought this for my 7 year old grandson. It starts off with really easy crosswords and they gradually increase in difficulty. Obviously it's great for vocabulary and comprehension and the answers are at the back so they learn all the time!!"

Amazon Review for Crosswords 1

  • "I bought this as some extra spelling practice for my 10 year old who has a great vocabulary and is working hard on spellings. It is great and was received really positively-he was so pleased and got doing some straight away. His brother also wants one! What is really good is that they start small with a few clues and build up; which means he can finish a crossword in a fairly small time frame.

Amazon Review for Crosswords 2

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