Watkins, 2018

Brain Workout

Tips and Techniques to Train Your Mind

Your mind is what makes you tick, so keeping it in top condition is as important as taking care of your body. With regular mental workouts, you can increase your brainpower, help your mind stay alert and agile well into old age, and even reduce your risk of mental disease. Brain Workout offers a fully equipped mental gym to get your grey matter in shape. Included are dozens of tips for building your mental muscles, as well as a progressive programme of exercises, from gentle stretching to more complex challenges. Learn to hone your logical reasoning, number and word skills, pattern recognition, short- and long-term memory, comprehension, creative thinking, problem solving, and much more. Work systematically through the book and in no time you ll be boosting your brain towards peak efficiency. 

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  • "If you are looking for something to keep your mind active, this is the book for you. I do algebraic problems every day. This book takes it to another level. I will have fun working through the remaining daily puzzles."

  • "his book is so interesting. It is easy to read and fascinating to learn about the brain and memory and how you can improve the functioning of your brain by doing exercises or self-tests in the book now and into the future."

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